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Low-Phosphate Recipes and Helpful Hints

This section has recipes that are low in phosphate content. These recipes are for the whole family, for everyone who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle. The recipes are nutritious, are not time-consuming at all to make and they taste delicious. These recipes are suggestions/guidelines only, you may like to eat something very different, these are just here to help you get started.






Soups & stocks

Helpful Hints


Dr Jo Williams, a nutritional scientist from the US recommends to consume:

only raw dairy products as I do not find calcium is absorbed from today's ultrapasteurized products. However, I do recommend supplementing with magnesium as well since dairy products are low in magnesium and most people do not avail themselves of whole foods rich in magnesium. Highly processed dairy products might certainly exacerbate the effects of phosphates. In the agrarian society such as the Hebrews enjoyed thousands of years ago, they not only consumed a great deal of raw dairy products, especially cultured, unsweetened ones, but also whole grains that provided necessary balancing magnesium and other essential nutrients. I should add that the lack of (absorbed) calcium also causes hyperactive kids. Excess phosphates would create that imbalance/deficiency as I wrote about several years ago. Sucrose and high fructose corn syrups are major difficulties in today's diets, producing much the same and of course related symptoms as you are aware.

Do you have a favourite recipe or a helpful hint that works for you, that you would like to share?
Please e-mail your ideas to us below, we welcome your input. We would love to post your story or your recipe to our site.
Together we can make a difference. Together we can help our children lead a happier and a healthier life.

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